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Integral to our comprehensive services, we go to the heart of the matter to offer responsive legal expertise for our client’s needs. As your partner, we offer support by leveraging our experience and deep understanding of the subject matter to provide a result-driven approach.

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About Sabrina Hashim & Co

Sabrina Hashim & Co is a registered Malaysia law firm specialising in three practice areas. Catering to your specific needs, we deliver effective legal solutions to ensure the smooth functioning of your business, ease your workload and elevate your business growth.

Delivering Legal Services for Every Challenge

Navigating complexities to provide clarity.

Our lawyers offer pragmatic, effective, unique, and flexible solutions to help you achieve your desired legal outcomes.

Technology and Telecommunications

The rapid evolution of technology has resulted in significant change for the Technology and Telecommunications industry, generating great opportunities and presenting equally great challenges.

We deliver practical and progressive legal advice that guides our clients through complex operational and strategic difficulties.

Media and Entertainment

The Media and Entertainment sector has advanced by leaps and bounds due to considerable technological advancements, leading to a wide variety of issues.

Content is a significant asset, and we engage with our clients at every level of the content value chain, from development to delivery to the end-user. We help our clients succeed in tomorrow’s world by embracing innovative legal solutions for content production,  distribution, operations, and more.

Corporate and Commercial

We understand the urgency of adding value to your business and maintaining profitability while remaining ahead of various legal challenges.

Our comprehensive Corporate and Commercial legal services encompass a wide range of business transactions. We provide valuable insights with our personal understanding of and profound experience with numerous sectors.

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FAQ For Professional Lawyer

Frequently Asked Questions

The responsibilities of a professional lawyer include advising, representing and acting in the best interests of his clients. Lawyers also conduct research and communicate with parties involved in legal matters. Lastly, they prepare legal documents such as contracts, appeals, lawsuits, and more.

Professional lawyers offer you a number of legal assistance and support. They can help you get out or prevent you from getting into legal issues or disputes.

While working with a professional lawyer in Malaysia is not always necessary depending on your legal situation, failing to work with a qualified lawyer can lead to various repercussions. For instance, lost claims, broken agreements, penalties and even prison time.