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Sabrina Hashim & Co is a reliable law firm in Malaysia for engaging a corporate lawyer or commercial lawyer. We offer a myriad of legal services meant to simplify and solve your corporate and commercial legal matters.

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About Sabrina Hashim & Co

Sabrina Hashim & Co is a registered law firm in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, specialising in three practice areas. Catering to your specific needs, we deliver effective legal solutions to ensure the smooth functioning of your business, ease your workload and elevate your business growth.

Benefits of Hiring A Corporate Lawyer in Malaysia

A legal dispute will affect a company’s reputation and brand image. A corporate lawyer is responsible for keeping business owners updated with information regarding the law and what is expected of them to minimise any risk.
Shareholder agreements play a significant role in a company’s operations and management. A corporate lawyer in Malaysia has the knowledge to draft a shareholder agreement with complete and legally valid terms and conditions.
A corporate lawyer in Malaysia has the responsibility to ensure that a business’s clients and employees understand the terms and conditions of an agreement before signing. This would avoid any future disputes about the contract’s terms and conditions.

The Role of Our Corporate & Commercial Lawyers

Developing strategies to tackle commercial problems.

Our corporate & commercial lawyers assist our clients in complying with the law and rules. As transactional lawyers, we help structure your business ventures.

Key Experience in Corporate & Commercial Law

Offering strategic guidance for businesses.

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Corporate & Commercial Lawyer Malaysia - FAQ

Corporate lawyers in Malaysia handle the formation of a business. On the other hand, commercial lawyers support a business in their dealings between companies and people, including customers and employees.
You will need a corporate lawyer in Malaysia if you want to incorporate your business or require advice on your legal responsibilities.

A corporate lawyer can advise you on matters that arise when running a business, such as investor rights, acquisitions and mergers, corporate structuring, hiring, and more.
After working with a corporate lawyer, you can be confident knowing that you and your investors will be protected from potential lawsuits your business may face.
Commercial lawyers have many duties, depending on their clients’ needs. Here are two common duties of commercial lawyers in Malaysia:

  1. Drafting Legal Documents
    Commercial lawyers in Malaysia draft legal documents for businesses and organisations, such as:
    • Partnership Agreement
    • Privacy policy
    • Tenancy Agreement
    • Shareholders agreement

  2. Negotiating With Other Businesses
    Commercial lawyers in Malaysia often oversee the negotiation process between two businesses. Authorised by clients, commercial lawyers can make arrangements that are in the company’s best interest and negotiate to ensure the business’s needs are met.

Before working with a professional lawyer in Malaysia, you will need to be as prepared and informed as possible to get your value for money.

Here are four general questions you should ask a commercial lawyer before signing with them:

  • How long have you practised law?
  • What type of cases do you normally handle?
  • What type of clients do you generally work with?
  • What are your legal fees, and how are they calculated?
  • How much of my case will be handled by legal assistants?