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We take pride in helping our clients navigate business and legal challenges throughout Malaysia and across multiple practice areas.

Professional Law Firm in Malaysia

Sabrina Hashim & Co is a boutique law firm in Malaysia specialising in multiple practice areas, namely Technology and Telecommunications, Media and Entertainment and Corporate and Commercial. Our legal practice is characterised by high standards of advisory, deep understanding of the subject matter and absolute focus on a result-driven approach, all delivered cost-effectively.

What We Do

Expert Advisory Services from a Top Law Firm in Malaysia

Navigating the complexities of contract law requires specialised expertise. Our skilled contract lawyers offer tailored advisory services to meet each domain’s unique needs so you can make well-informed decisions.

Contract Drafting and Negotiation by Professionals

As a reputable law firm in Malaysia, we take pride in our meticulous attention to detail in drafting various types of contracts such as commercial contracts. Our contract lawyers are skilled negotiators who ensure that the terms are favourable and protect our client’s interests.

Risk Mitigation: A Holistic Approach to Legal Safety

Our law firm in Malaysia offers comprehensive risk mitigation services that cover various aspects. We aim to help clients minimise their legal risks by offering actionable plans and proactive solutions.

Our Specialisation

As a professional law firm in Malaysia, our lawyers have in-depth knowledge and expertise to offer comprehensive legal advice to our clients on a wide range of matters. We specialise in multiple practice areas, including:

Technology and

Technology and

We combine legal expertise and industry knowledge to reach innovative and practical solutions for businesses in the TMT industry.
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Media and

Media and

We offer fully-integrated advice on regulation, data protection and privacy, intellectual property, technology and corporate and commercial legal services to support our clients’ media and entertainment-related activities.
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Corporate and

Corporate and

Our corporate lawyers regularly advise on joint ventures, distribution, procurement, supply contracts and more.
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Legal Services

Legal Services

We are a professional law firm in Malaysia offering tailor-made legal services and the expertise necessary to ensure a business’s operations run smoothly.
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Technology and

Media and

Corporate and

Meet Our Lawyer

Sabrina Mohamed Hashim is the Managing Partner and Founder of Sabrina Hashim & Co. Armed with extensive experience across multiple practice areas, Sabrina is proficient at providing her clients with efficient and solution-oriented legal advice to her clients.

Law Firm in Malaysia

Why choose us?

“A happy client is a return client. To this end, our priority is to be responsive in serving our clients, understand their business inside-out and go beyond what is anticipated to ensure total customer satisfaction.”

Putting Your Needs First. Always

We strive to ensure your matter will be given the time, attention and effort you deserve by delivering personalised and client-centric services. To this end, we will understand your business, guide you through every resolution opportunity and tailor a tactical solution that you can understand and work for you. That way, you have choices that suit your needs.

Cost-Effective Without Compromising The Result

We always believe everyone must have fair access to quality legal services. Our hassle-free fee arrangement aims to offer attainable and reliable legal services that are evident in the result and predictable on your legal spending.

Building Trust, Delivering Solutions

We value the trust given to us by our valued clients and how we serve them. They want concise answers and pragmatic solutions to their legal matters. Hence, we go the extra mile to uncover underlying needs and provide counsel as if we were in their shoes.

Technology-Driven Approach

We operate using technology and cloud-based tools to virtualise our legal services and communication delivery at your convenience. With Sabrina Hashim & Co, it is not about going faster but creating value for you in an effective, efficient, and secure environment.

Recent Cases Handled by Our Law Firm in Malaysia

Our law firm in Malaysia has a proven track record in successfully handling complex cases in various domains.

  • A series of agreements for an EV charger supplier and installation specialist. These agreements are with their commercial premises customers, individual customers, partners and collaborators to bring their EVGuru charging equipment and software to customers in Malaysia.
  • Agreement for the carriage of HGTV and Cartoon Network on Unifi TV.

Lawyers in Malaysia: Job Responsibilities (non-exhaustive)

Lawyers provide counsel and represent their clients in legal matters and disputes.
The responsibilities of a litigation lawyer in Malaysia include:
  • Communicating with clients, colleagues, judges and others involved in the case
  • Conducting factual investigations and researching legal concepts, statutes and regulations
  • Providing proper legal citation and statutory interpretation
  • Preparing and filing legal documents in court
  • Negotiating or arguing cases to meet the needs of the client’s case
The responsibilities of a non-litigation transactional lawyer in Malaysia include:
  • Communicating with clients, colleagues and others involved in the transaction
  • Understanding the transaction and researching legal concepts, statutes and regulations
  • Verifying clients’ documentation
  • Conceptualising, structuring, drafting, and negotiating contracts that serve parties’ best interests; and finding ways to prevent future contractual disputes
  • Offering legal counsel on compliance matters

Knowledge Hub

Law firm FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Professional lawyers offer you a number of legal assistance and support. They can help you get out or prevent you from getting into legal issues or disputes.

While working with a professional lawyer in Malaysia is not always necessary, depending on your legal situation, failing to work with a qualified lawyer can lead to various repercussions. For instance, lost claims, broken agreements, penalties and even prison time.

As a professional law firm in Malaysia, we provide each client with individual strategic advice tailored to meet their needs. Our clients benefit from our personalised services, diversified practice areas, quality legal work and cost-effective and efficient solutions to their legal issues.

When looking for legal representation, you should consider the following questions:

  • Do the lawyers have experience?
  • Does the law firm have staying power?
  • How will the law firm keep you informed?

Lawyers in Malaysia are expected to uphold the law and protect the rights of their clients. In addition to knowing the law, a good lawyer knows how to listen, communicate efficiently with their clients, work competently to resolve their needs and be ethical in handling a case.

How can we help you?

If you have any legal issues or enquiries about our services, reach out to us.


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